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 Rules And Information, MUST READ.
 Posted: Jan 29 2016, 05:41 AM


age: Over 18 roleplay preference: PUBLIC-THREADS,CHATROOMS Roleplay Level: PRO Activity: Daily Seeking: None
Points: 35 | Rep: none


Welcome to THE DARK HOUR!

Please make sure you read the RULES as it will answer questions you might have. Feel free to make an INTRODUCTION we like to get to know our members. Take a moment to look at all sections of the board as you might find things useful especially the WRITER'S INFORMATION. Don't hesitate to ask ANY staff member for help if you need it. Please ensure you make at least one post with in the first seven days of register as we will prune out any accounts that have not. Lastly, happy writing and enjoy your time with us. Register to Join that's it! Some of the board content is ONLY visible to Members.

Many Thanks, The Dark Hour Staff!

ADMN: Demented Gypsy Girl
MODORATOR: DeadBeatSiren
Must be online steadily for members to reach, must USE the PM system to send site information and answer Questions.
Must be able to be on discord steadily for easy access to members already on Discord. Handle trolling, and any issues on the server that may arise.

HOW TO BECOME STAFF You must be a member of The Dark Hour, you must have a friendly attitude towards everyone and a willingness to help. Activity will be accounted for and ability to RP with others will be looked at. Staff members must be a part of the site for more than 60 active days. Post count should be over 100 posts.

The Dark Hour is an adult writing site for all genres of role play.
We offer the freedom to create your own one-on-one stories or
join our group game story lines, that range from supernatual, modern, fantasy, and AU.


Let your creativity loose and write the best and worst parts of your imagination. Must be over 18 to join. No exceptions.


MATURITY All members must be over the age of 18+. Anyone younger the age of 18 will not be allowed to join. The reason being that this site is for mature audiences and we would prefer to keep children off this site. It does not matter if your birthday is coming up soon, or you are a mature mind, 18 and over only.

RESPECT All members should be treated with respect no matter race, color, or sex.

LGBT We welcome all sexual orientations or persona here. You are not required to share your personal sexual orientation if you do not feel comfortable to.

WRITING This is a writing site and if it does not pertain to your games, stories, or In character information leave it off the site. No personal details should be given out no real life pictures, numbers, or social networking.

SEXUAL CONTENT All content that is sexual must be between consenting writers, all images of characters must be over 17. Anyone caught using underage images or refer to underage characters in sexual manner will be banned with out warning.

OPEN DIALOGUE Please speak to your prospective writing partner, no one likes to start a story and be abandoned. All abandoned or interest lost stories should be marked to remove them from threads. You may use tags such as, [Remove] or [Closed] to indicate a story is closed, or you simply want it removed.

DRAMA If you start it you will be removed. This can include cyber bullying, arguments, stalking, or negative behavior that is out of character. You will be given three warnings, there after you will be suspended or banned, depending on the circumstances.

STEALING Don't steal other's people's ideas like completely profile info, story lines, character names.

POSSESSIVENESS Please if you feel the need to cling onto anyone keep it to yourself. We all have our preferences about how we play and who we play well with. This does not give you the right to possessively linger/stalk/cling onto someone. If you are in need of a partner please try someone new. We have many requests. If someone is bothering you please inform staff to relay your message to cease and desist.

ACTIVITY If you will be away please mark yourself away on our AWAY BOARDS.

YOU It doesn't matter here if you are a guy writing as a female, or a woman writing as an anthro with two heads. Nor should it matter to anyone else, so if you are feeling bullied or harassed Contact the admin.

TROLLING Please do not come into our site linking offsite groups. Please do not ask members to join any other sites just because you may be a member elsewhere.

ABSOLUTE NOs Again no underage RP IC or Out , No underage images, NO bestiality, No Drama, No Bullies.

: Here is the thing about this, between two over 17 character’s its all good… Though we are not tolerating anything under 17. Again this is a stressed rule. Some roleplay characters may want to have a ‘pretend’ age difference. Fantasy of the school girl or what not, this also can refer to younger males and older woman. However it must be between two 17 and over characters.

THE CRAZY: No one wants to hear about your mental issues, we aren’t doctors or councilors so don’t inform anyone of your ‘issues’ it’s not our job to take care of your mental health. NOR should anyone be giving advice about someone’s problems. It’s the internet people, get some sense in your head.

USER NAMES: Do not come into this site with a user
name that is offensive to my delicate sensibilities. DO NOT USE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS: ASS, FUCK, DICK, COCK, ANAL, CUNT, PUSSY, TITS, CLIT, or PENIS. OR anything suggestive to sexual acts, or sexual body parts. To clarify there are some names the tread dangerously close to inappropriate so just use your head on this one? If you feel it’s an issue feel free to EMAIL the owner. The.Devils.Hex.@GMAIL.COM

AVATAR IMAGES: No genital pics please. Most of us already know what a vagina and dick looks like.. And we don’t want to see assholes flying around. Artistic nudes are alright… (STILL NO GENITALIA) but if there is an issue staff will remove it or ask you to. You will be ONE warning on this.


Images can often make a story or board much more inviting however some can be annoying and unnecessary. So if you will please follow the allowed terms for images guide you then everyone wins. Please note there is no face claims, if you like a certain image use it.

Group game images, there is a curtesy rule while rping in a group game try not to have doppelgangers.

Avatars It would be preferred to not use moving avatars, no GIFs please. Some Gifs are a strain on the eyes.

Signatures Again no GIFs, but you may use what ever type of signature you like so long as it does not stretch the board.

Board Images You may use Gifs in your personal stories or threads. Please note that we ask to re-size any overly large images to keep board ratio in check.

Image Hosting We will not host your images but there are many servers out there that will. Photobucket, TinyPic, or other web outlet.


Playing via messenger or through our own PMs please feel free to log them onto our board! You may also keep them private to yourself if you wish. Though should you post them make sure you do so in the following manner.

1. Title the roleplay
2. Include who is involved if it is a 1 x 1 roleplay in the description. If this is a group with multiple players include inside the post.
3. Place it in the correct forum. ie: Fantasy Stories, Modern Stories etc..
4. Decide who will post the log, since it counts as post points for our Shop and Lottery monies.


When starting a group game, we ask that you remember to title your group games accordingly whether is be a faction, a wolf pack, coven, guild, a harem etc... You will find the link in the navigation to create your own User Groups you must have 5 players at a minimum to create your faction.

You will be responsible for your own group, the same board rules apply and must be kept. Any dead groups will be deleted.

To create a group you must recruit members first you may do that under the Game Recruit section. Be as creative as you like with it. You MUST have members already approved to join your group.

Remember to set rules for your group.

Any behavior unbecoming of a group leader can lead into the group suspension, or you the group leader replaced.

Recruiting may last or as long as you wish to grow your game.

Internet Chatroom for Gaming, Plotting, and OoC

Discord is now the means of which two players can connect, in which the entire forum can connect on a chat server. Here on The Dark Hour we do use discord and encourage you to join us.

To check out the feature list click HERE

To download the app for your Computer or Phone click HERE

You will find our discord HERE


 Posted: Apr 4 2016, 02:51 AM


age: Over 18 roleplay preference: PUBLIC-THREADS,CHATROOMS Roleplay Level: PRO Activity: Daily Seeking: None
Points: 35 | Rep: none

The Newbie’s guide to The Dark Hour

Don’t know where to start huh? Well let’s start at the beginning… I will go over all the things you may need to know on your stay within our roleplay community.

Please ensure that you have read the RULES the rules go over the basic do’s and don’ts of the site. So to reiterate the major repeating rule here no characters under the age of 17 may be played in sexual themed roleplay. No players under the age of 18 are allowed to join our site. There, that was easy.

Introductions give you a nice intro into the site, a way for other’s to get to know you and a way to peak interest. You may use any format you like free style, making up your own introduction or use our premade layout. It can be short or long detailed or not up to you. Though it is a requirement we like to make sure all our members have some feedback from staff or members.

We constantly update the site so for news on that you can find the information on current or past updates HERE. The little or large changes we do our just announce on a new feature we have.

There will be times when host board events these could be fun little games we include everyone in, or little treats we do for fun. We will try to give everyone a fair shot at whatever it is but here is always a good place to check back on when people are interested in something as a community.

Open to start new friendly discussions. Things like interests, humor, or random blurps you mind have in your head. No drama please, no talk of anything that may be uncared for. If it aint nice keep it to yourself.

For any questions you may have please direct them here. You ideas too, its a brand new RP world huh? Also if you thing we could make this place even better toss your suggestions in.

Have words of wisdom to share with others? Post your tips and tricks of the trade. This can include anything that had made roleplay easier for you. I encourage you to look here when you feel like wanting to get some tips or tricks.

Here is a very important place for newbies. The writer’s information is your information about what you’re interest are, and what you don’t like. What type of roleplay you prefer and what kind you just hate. It makes things easier on everyone beforehand to know just how to keep your interest and keep off your shit list. Please consider making one. For examples please see our member’s Writer’s info.

When creating your characters please come to this section, we ask that you make one thread and be sure to save the link or track the topic. As you will be the one to control your character profile. Creating characters is easy just make a NEW thread and be sure to pick a snazzy name title for yourself. It will become the title you are going to be stuck with until you reach 50 posts.

You can add images, bios, and music to your profiles we ask you don’t stretch the board with overly large images. Though every new character you have can easily be added on by replying to your character page. People can come around and peek into your page for character information. It’s an easier option then housing them in PMs or places you might forget.

You will also find journals for your characters, writing their inner thoughts. We ask that members never cross roleplay. Using information gained from journals is not only bad RP but it can be a little annoying. Though please do make your character journals they are a great outlet on their little minds and fun to read.

Getting to ROLEPLAY!!!
Group Games HERE
You will be able to roleplay once you’ve found a partner but fear not you can also have RP starters, OPEN games for someone to drop in on. Course it is always polite to ask before joining an open post via PM. Creating a roleplay post between two players can go in which ever world you deem fits. Solo games are games that only involve two players. We also have Group games something that we love here on our boards. This doesn’t mean you must play with everyone in the group but rather your character is part of the group world. Part of its lore, and plot how large of a part is up to you.


We make our posts by adding NEW THREADS. As new members cannot edit titles or Descriptions please make sure they are right before saving.
You may EDIT your own posts, the body, as much as you like. EDITING Descriptions and Topic titles are possible for players with 50+ posts on the board.
DELETING a post will send the post to the trash can… but it is still accessible for staff if you need to have it back. Deletions are only possible for members with 50+ posts.
Should you need edits and are not quite at 50 posts please PM a staff member we are happy to help!


We ask that all images fit to scale, nothing crazy big? Please?
We do not host your images, you must have the direct URL LINK. Don’t know how to find it? Right click your image, and select the option COPY IMAGE ADDRESS this should give you the URL. You may also want to have a host for your images. IMGUR hates Jcink so try photobucket something you can upload and store images.


We have several ways to slap a picture into your post.


This is a basic image into the post, you may also align in left, right, or center like so…


[align=center] [IMG] IMAGE URL [/URL] [/align]

Now you can also float your images, so the text can move around the image you can align it to the right and left like so…


Either of these will make your image sit to the right or left, as the goes around it. It’s actually nice.

You can edit your signature at the control panel BBCODES may work but test it out just in case.

For those of you savy with the html coding you may use this to add html codes to your posts. Any codes that cause an issue will be removed though so please keep that in mind.

Html code
That is all I can offer you right now! But I will update this later as more questions come at me.
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